In Case You’re Keeping Track . . . .


Dear Chris Morgan (writer, films 3-7), Justin Lin (director, films 3-6), and Neal H. Moritz (producer, films 1-7):

I hadn’t realized that we’re up to film #6 in The Fast and the Furious saga, with #7 coming next year.  Wow.  And I also read that it is Universal Studios’ biggest franchise of all time.  Look at this collection of greatness.  Way to go.

Just wondering a few things:

1.  Mr. Morgan, how have all the characters not died yet in all their dangerous and illegal street racing situations?

2.  Mr. Lin, how does one direct a series of films whose action is largely computer generated?  Do you work weekends?

3.  Mr. Moritz, how rich are you?

4.  How were films #1-5 insufficient enough to warrant the 2.4 billion dollar chain of cinematic splendor we have today?

I’ve never seen a film go up to #7, so congrats on this.  (Well, I’m guessing there are some Mary Kate and Ashley Olson movies, but nobody counts those direct-to-VHS ones, do they?)

Please keep up the good work of unnecessary violence and sexism; and no, Vin Diesel didn’t ask me to write this note,

A. Olson


3 thoughts on “In Case You’re Keeping Track . . . .

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve seen the first one. I’m quite sure Jon saw the first few even though they were genuinely atrocious. There’s no excuse and we’re ashamed of ourselves:). Loving the open letter blog.

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