In Case You’re Keeping Track . . . .


Dear Chris Morgan (writer, films 3-7), Justin Lin (director, films 3-6), and Neal H. Moritz (producer, films 1-7):

I hadn’t realized that we’re up to film #6 in The Fast and the Furious saga, with #7 coming next year.  Wow.  And I also read that it is Universal Studios’ biggest franchise of all time.  Look at this collection of greatness.  Way to go.

Just wondering a few things:

1.  Mr. Morgan, how have all the characters not died yet in all their dangerous and illegal street racing situations?

2.  Mr. Lin, how does one direct a series of films whose action is largely computer generated?  Do you work weekends?

3.  Mr. Moritz, how rich are you?

4.  How were films #1-5 insufficient enough to warrant the 2.4 billion dollar chain of cinematic splendor we have today?

I’ve never seen a film go up to #7, so congrats on this.  (Well, I’m guessing there are some Mary Kate and Ashley Olson movies, but nobody counts those direct-to-VHS ones, do they?)

Please keep up the good work of unnecessary violence and sexism; and no, Vin Diesel didn’t ask me to write this note,

A. Olson